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Edit Daedric alphabet is the written form used by the Daedra and Dunmer of Tamriel. The alphabet is strongly affiliated with magicka. Daedric letters are often referred to as sigils, with various scrolls and tomes, such as the Mysterium Xarxeswritten in the Daedric alphabet.

Alternian writing a cover

Almost all of the Tealblood trolls including Terezi have first names beginning with T. Even then, it should be noted that all known Tealbloods still have at least one T somewhere in their names.

Similarly, all Jadebloods seen so far have at least one Y somewhere in their names, including surnames. Some of them are Ax-Crazy and discriminate against Lowbloodsbut can also be friendly and won't kill everything on sight. This is especially true in the Friendsim, where they can be nice to the player and consider them a friend if the right choices are made, and not all of their bad endings involve them killing the player.

Expy - Given that this is a Homestuck spinoff, expies of characters from within the comic, as well as those outside of it, are inevitable.

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Both Mallek and Vriska have a buzzcut and piercings. Elwurd also has part of her hair shaved, similarly-shaped horns, and her bio explicitly states that she's "Not Vriska. Folykl, meanwhile, has eyes similar to how Sollux's eyes looked after he went blind, implying that she's also blind.

One of the game' artists later confirmed this. Vikare is a Bronze troll with horns that look similar to those of Tavros, and shares Tavros' dreams of some kind of flight. His hat and goggles also make him look similar to Horrus, leading to jokes that he's the child of Horuss and Tavros or Rufioh.

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His Friendsim route reveals that he also has a thirst for adventure and speaks in antiquated language like Jake English. Zebruh is an Indigo-blood with an interest in Olive-blooded females, which harkens back to Equius being moilrails with Nepeta.

Additionally, his horns look like Horuss' infamous horse dildo. The unnamed Caprira troll's hair as well as his horns' shape resembles Gamzee's quite a bit, and they both look somewhat unusual by their caste's standards. Additionally, the Caprira troll has a Gold Toothpossibly suggesting a connection to Lord English, similar to how half of Gamzee was part of said demon.

While Remele is the only female Cobaltblood whose bio doesn't mention Vriska, her outfit suggests she's a Pirate Girl although not necessarily the traditional kindand she may or may not have abilities similar to Vriska's Vision Eightfold due to her unconventional eyes one is blank and the other has a strangely-shaped pupil.

Galekh's stuffy, formal mannerisms are reminiscent of his fellow indigo Equius, and their horns are very similar. Characters outside of the comic: Cirava's neon green eye and magenta eye patch, as well as their smug-yet-mellow demeanor causes them to resemble the YouTube sensation Roy Purdy.

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Azdaja is a blatant Expy of Vegetagiven his somewhat smug demeanor as well as possibly being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. He even has Vegeta's scouter, and his first bullet references the infamous over nine-thousand scene.

Similarly, his partner Konyyl resembles Nappa, given her muscular appearance and destructive nature. Loads and Loads of Characters: Thirty-six slots for trolls were revealed.

However, some of them were actually two trolls posing as one silhouette, increasing the number even more: The Soleils originally appeared as a single troll, but then were revealed to be two.

That brought the number to thirty-seven. Then it became thirty-eight with the reveal that one of the silhouettes that looked like someone carrying something large on their back was revealed to be a troll Kuprum wearing some kind of backpack with another troll Folykl riding on it.

Meaningful Name - Given how Homestuck names its trolls, it's only natural.

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Tongva is a Californian Native American tribe.-Sometimes has his "Bible," which is actually an untitled book with alternian writing from his ancestor scribbled inside.

The Hemospectrum is the spectrum of blood colors possessed by trolls, which forms the basis of their caste system, with social and biological implications. The blood of a lusus has the same color of its associated troll, implying that it is a large factor in the selection of a lusus.

Andrew. Terezi Pyrope, also known by her Trollian handle, gallowsCalibrator, is one of the trolls and is one of the main characters in Homestuck. Her handle refers to two things associated with her. Her handle refers to two things associated with Seer of Mind.

On November 11th, , What Pumpkin unveiled the "Troll Call", which was a feature of trolls that will be appearing in Act 2, with two trolls being revealed every Troll Call lasted until March 14th, Hiveswap Friendsim lets you get to know these trolls a little better..

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alternian writing a cover

On November 11th, , What Pumpkin unveiled the "Troll Call", which was a feature of trolls that . As a offspec “mutant” on Alternia, A2 Kankri Vantas would have bright red markings on his sides, signalling him as a ready victim for anyone to see.

So to prevent making an instant target out of himself, the Signless (and Karkat by extension) adopted wearing chest high pants to cover up those grub scars.

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