Indo pakistani war of 1947 re write anime

The origins of the first war between India and Pakistan can be traced to the final status of Kashmir following the establishment of an independent India and Pakistan on August 15, British policy held that the various princely states would have to accede to either Pakistan or India based on geographic location and on demographics. While the final status of many of the states was easily concluded, Kashmir and two other states presented special problems.

Indo pakistani war of 1947 re write anime

Mrs Gandhi was thought to have been walking through her gardens this morning when she was shot. She was taken to the All India Medical Hospital where she underwent an emergency operation to remove the bullets but died an hour and a half later.

Why not kill us too? As her son, Rajiv Ratna Gandhi Hindi: Known to the world as Indira Gandhi or Mrs Gandhi, she is often mistaken to be related to the renowned Indian independence fighter Mahatma Gandhi when, in actual fact, she had no blood relations whatsoever with the great Mahatma.

Jawaharlal Nehru -first Prime Minister of India and father of Indira Gandhi Feroze Gandhi -Indian politician and husband of Indira Gandhi Amidst factional strife that was plaguing the ruling Indian National Congress at that time, Gandhi was sworn in as the fourth Prime Minister inand she held the post for two terms before being defeated in the general election.

Nevertheless, she made a comeback after being re-elected in for another term, in which she held the post until her assassination in While some revered her as a capable woman leader who was able to revolutionize India, reduce poverty and increase literacy rates, others perceived her as a tyrant bent on stabilizing her grasp of power, surrounding herself with loyalists and establishing her own dynastic rule.

Her assassination drew mixed reactions from different parties, with many outraged over the death of the compassionate and soft-spoken Indira-amma and also not a few who rejoiced over the elimination of a cool tyrant insensitive to the feelings of others.

Before we come to the details of the last moments of her life, let us first review the facts that led to the fateful day of her assassination. It should be understood that during the Partition of India Hindi: The Partition was done on the basis that the Muslim-majority regions of East and West Pakistan were to be separated from the rest of Hindu-majority India.

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With regards to the Greater Punjab region, the region was, before the Partition, governed as a single entity under the British colonialists. As the Partition was done predominantly on religious grounds, Sikhs were grouped together with Hindus for purposes of territorial division between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India.

This map delineates the international borders between Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan after the Partition of India Red box indicates the part of India and Pakistan which is enlarged in the map below.

The Indian state of Punjab and the Pakistani province of Punjab are within the red box see map below Enlarged map of the area within the red box in the map above.

Highlighted are the Indian state of Punjab and the Pakistani province of Punjab.

indo pakistani war of 1947 re write anime

Sikhs form the majority of the population in the Indian state of Punjab The Khalistan movement, which developed since then but gained more momentum in the s and s, sought to establish a Sikh homeland separate from Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India.

The proposed sovereign state of Khalistan Hindi: Being outlawed by the Government of India, the proponents of the Khalistan movement eventually resorted to taking up arms against the government in order to fight for their cause.

Perhaps the most prominent Sikh figure in relation to the Khalistan movement in the s was none other than Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale Punjabi: It was not until the aforementioned date that Bhindrawale and his supporters moved into the Akal Takht Punjabi: With Bhindrawale now making the Akal Takht his base of operations, Sikh militia followed suit in moving in as well, amassing huge amounts of artillery in preparation for a possible confrontation against the Indian government.

This decision met with much controversy even within the Indian Army, since the Golden Temple is revered as the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion. Some top-ranking army officials questioned the wisdom behind the seemingly insensitive decision, but Gandhi remained adamant with it and refused to adopt any other alternative solutions, insisting that there were, indeed, no other viable alternatives.

The curfew also included temporary termination of electricity supply as well as all modes of transportation and communication, thus effectively cutting off the state from the rest of the world.

With the Indian Army acting under the on-site command of Major General Kuldip Singh Brar, the army invaded the Golden Temple on the night of June 5 and seized full control of the temple from the Sikh militia by the morning of June 7.JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

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