Me me and only me

The first time she said this to me was shortly after a friend had a new baby. My daughter also happens to be close friends with their oldest daughter. My heart was in my throat as I gripped my fingers around the steering wheel.

Me me and only me

Going through the website is a hassle so I wish there was a way I can contact the app developers directly to provide them with my issue.

Me me and only me

I think it may have to do with updating to the last iOS. Hope it gets fixed really soon! All of the sudden it tells me my user name or password is wrong. My options are to call us out Try again.

I've tried multiple times with no success. I've called a lot and continue to get people who know nothing about the app.

They tell me it's the same login and password as the website, which it is NOT, but they don't believe me.

Then I get shuffled and transferred to someone who doesn't know anything about the app I've been dealing with this for 2 weeks now with no resolution.

Why |

There is no forgot password option on the login screen. It tells you to go to benefits site which had absolutely nothing about the app or resetting the app password or call a number which is the same number I've called multiple times now.

This app is garbage! Don't waste your time downloading this app. The app has several floors that need to be fixed including adding touch ID and the option to save your credentials so you do not have to continuously into that every time you file claim.

Application times out and have to start all over again.

MercyMe - Greater (Official Lyric Music Video)

App has several bugs that need to be addressed and fixed! Not even sure what my company sent me an email telling me to use this to make my life easier, it's very obvious that they did not do their research before requesting it's employees use this app. I gave this a one star rating only because you can't continue without at least choosing one star.MercyMe at Sea will be one of our favorite events of the ENTIRE YEAR!

Be sure to watch the video below and see why you should join us for this incredible experience!

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